Guess What?

Football season is officially over.

By Bloggo Schloggo (Charles Oliver)

It was a good Super Bowl game yesterday. Not a great one but a good one. Madonna put on a great half-time show. I was glad the 53 year old showed some good taste and judgement. She wasn’t scantily clad and kept the sexual gyrations to a minimum considering Super Bowls are supposed to be family friendly extravaganzas. There were no wardrobe malfunctions.


The Skipper (Charley Manuel) looking to the future.

Brady and Manning acquitted themselves well on the field of play I thought. Each playing well enough to win. The game could have gone either way. The clock deemed the Patriots as second best and the Giants champions in the end.

To think that during the regular season the Eagles whupped the G-men twice leaves one to wonder how the season may have played out had Vick not missed so much time due to injuries. Hell even the lowly Deadskins beat the New Yorkers.

The Giants got hot at the end of the season when it counts most. That being said I tip my hat to them achieving what a couple months ago looked unachievable <– I know that’s not a real word but it works here for these purposes.

Anyway now that football is over until next September it’s time to zone in on the national pastime. Although many would argue that the NFL has replaced the MLB with that description. For me it’s full speed ahead baseball mode. Time to focus on spring training only a month away (can you believe that?). Also it’s time to start considering fantasy baseball line-ups.

The sun gets a little higher in the sky and the hours of daylight are increasing with each passing day. Time to sharpen up the pencils and clean off the keyboard. Two months from today a voice shouts, “Play ball!”. With that we begin another journey of 162 games through spring, summer and fall. Dreams of the playoffs and world series. Will 2012 bring the Phillies back to the position of World Champions? Can they win 102 games again? With the improved Marlins and Nationals I seriously doubt they can win 102 again but, I feel they have a really good shot at going all the way. Like time decided the Super Bowl, time will tell what fortunes lie ahead for the Phils. 



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