What Better Fielding Could Mean for the Phillies

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Fielding often goes overlooked as a facet of the Phillies’ game: the pitching receives all of the accolades and the hitting is often called into question, but no one seems to talk about fielding. On the surface, there wouldn’t seem to be anything to discuss, as the team was tied with the Rays for the best fielding percentage in baseball last year (.988).

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One thought on “What Better Fielding Could Mean for the Phillies

  1. NOTE: The Phillies were ranked 1st in all of baseball in fielding and pitching. 16th in batting. It was obvious in the playoffs that the Phils bats were lacking. Especially in power. With their off season moves they have arguably the most powerful bench in baseball. In a long season these power bats will prove invaluable either off the bench to pinch hit or replace the starters in the later innings. They also can fit in nicely for starters that fall to injuries. -Bloggo ( “The Philadelphia Story- A Philly Tale” https://philadelphiatale.wordpress.com/ )

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